When adults try to discipline children, several styles come to play. Most attempt to explain things in the best possible way that kids would understand. However, this does not work all the time. Some adults use bargaining and in the end try to offer some form of reward system. And when all else fails, adults try to elicit fear. Often we hear:

“Sige ka, ayan na yung moomoo!”
“Wag ka pumunta dyan, may ipis!”

What is worse is that some adults would say:

“Ayaw mo sumunod, tatawagin ko si Doc para injectionan ka!”

injection baby

Dear parents and caregivers, please do not turn me into a monster even if the characters in Monsters, Inc. are cute. And more so, please do not liken me to a pest which you can stomp on and kill. Ouch!

As much as I would like to build a relationship with you, my primary objective is to be able to care for your child. To be able to do this job, I must establish a good relationship with him/her as well. During infancy, my actions and voice should not be a threat. As they grow bigger, I want them to see me as a friend. And when teen issues arise, I would like them to know that I can be an ally and not a foe.

Doc McStuffins must have done a good job. She made being a Pediatrician look so much easy. It is fun, alright, but a tough one to play. And I can only do this well if you allow me to be a partner in bringing up your child and not a monster in his/her imagination. =)